Tour Voice of America - Delano



This is a water cooled capacitor.  The water goes in, flows around, then comes out the hole on the side and keeps
recirculating the water.


Here is another picture of that capacitor.  These are fascinating, because they are not cheap!


Here is our tour director and Frank, KD6UQZ in the background standing in front of Transmitter #6


Every where you look, different transmitters sending out their stuff all over the world.


See the glass jar looking thing?  That is what helps to keep this cool.  This equipment right here will zap you good
if you are not careful.  Luckily, our tour director grounded the equipment to ensure everyone's safety


There are a whole bunch of these in this room.  They are antenna tuners.  Can you imagine havine
one that size in your house to tune your antenna?


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