Tour Voice of America - Delano


Welcome to the Voice of America, in Delano.


Raining in Bakersfield, but absolutely beautiful in Delano.
Here is (from Left to Right) Dick, K6SAM; David, KG6QDS; Bill, W0WRC and Harry, KG6OPR


Here is part of the gang going inside to start their tour


All these transmitters are fascinating.  Especially when they start talking about how much they cost!


Here are two, that they are working on due to them producing unwanted spurs.


This is the Voice of America Club Station (N6VOA)


There are rooms and rooms of these power supplies and such that keep the place going, night and day.


Here is one of the transmitters transmitting out to another country.


The gentleman in the middle is our tour director.  He was full of information that he was more than happy
to share with us.  He also came in on his own time to give the tour.


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